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Wednesday, 28 December 2011


As 2011 draws to a close, India will look back on the year with mixed feelings-from the highs of winning the much-coveted Cricket World Cup to the lows of trying to fight corruption. In a country as diverse as India, there is bound to be quotes that have inspired, shocked and some that just plain amused us.
Let’s take a look at the newsmakers whose quotes will ring in the ears of Indians for a long time to come. Some have been heartfelt like Virat Kohli on Tendulkar, while some have drawn much criticism like Rahul Gandhi’s comment on preventing terror, while still others have made the headlines for their sheer absurdity, like Mayawati calling WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange crazy.


April 2, 2011: The Cricket World Cup came back to India after 28 long years. The win was especially because this is probably Tendulkar’s last time in the India World Cup squad.
After the historic win, when Team India went on a victory lap around the stadium, Virat Kohli carried Tendulkar on his shoulders much to the crowd's delight. On being asked by Nasser Hussain why he carried Sachin on his shoulders, Kohli said, He (Sachin) has carried the burden of the nation for 21 years, so it’s time we carried him on our shoulders.”


Sept 19, 2011: That there is no love lost between the two is well-known throughout the country, them being political rivals. But when they started targeting their fathers, both celebrated in their own right, things took an ugly turn in Omar Abdullah and Mehbooba Mufti’s relationship.
It all began with BJP leader Sushma Swaraj saying Mehbooba praised Narendra Modi’s worth ethics. To which Ms Mufti’s retort was, “I feel the party (BJP) is frustrated, but I would request them if they want some Muslim leader on their side to prove their secular credentials, they must approach Farooq Abdullah who has praised Modi and even said he had seen Allah in Modi's eyes…Omar was a minister in the NDA government when Muslims were massacred in Gujarat.”
This obviously didn’t go down well with the J&K chief minister. Omar took to Twitter to retaliate saying, “I'm not surprised Mehbooba praised Modi, she can praise who ever she likes; I am surprised she'd deny knowing others heard her speech... At least her father had the sense not to deny calling Laloo, as home minister, to order Advani's release. He just did what Ostriches do.”


On August 26, 2011: During Anna Hazare and team’s rally for a corruption-free India, there were many attacks and counter attacks with the central government. But the quote that stayed on people’s mind was the one Kiran Bedi made at the Ramlila Maidan in the capital when Anna Hazare on a hunger strike. She ridiculed the politicians and the entire political system. Mocking them, she said, "Our politicians are hiding behind a mask. They don’t think and speak. There has been no lathi-charge till now because of Anna. We don't know what will happen after he goes. Till now, Delhi Police is with us, but if they get any demands, we don't know what will happen. We have been tolerating for the past 60 years, how much more do we tolerate?"
She famously donned a towel on her head and made strong remarks about how the political system was being unfairly used by our elected officials rather than as a platform to serve the nation with her "Sarkari naukri seva nahin mewa hain" comment.


Aug 28 2011: Joining Team Anna against the government was actor Om Puri. His speech was almost something out of one of his movies, complete with melodrama. When he spoke to the crowd at the Ramlila Maidan, he came across as someone who means business. But that feeling soon died out when he took back all his words. Still, his quote will be remembered its sheer force in moving a people. He took a dig at the politicians, calling them Nikamme, ganwaar (illiterate and unfit to govern). He said, “For five years they (politicians) loot the country. Ask them what their background is…"


June 2, 2011: That VS Naipaul is a controversial figure goes without saying. One of the most outspoken authors of our time, he doesn’t think twice about voicing his opinion. This year the supposed "greatest living writer of English prose" targeted women writers. According to him, women are no match to men’s writing abilities.
In an interview at the Royal Geographic Society, Naipaul was quoted saying that no woman writer could be his literary equal. He went on to say, "I read a piece of writing and within a paragraph or two I know whether it is by a woman or not. I think [it is] unequal to me."


During an episode of KBC, Amitabh was at his usual witty best. In response to a contestant's hopeful sister with dreams of meeting Abhishek Bachchan, he quipped, "Madam, aisa hain ki woh sannlagn ho gaye hain kisi aur ke saath aur is mel ka parinaam kucch mahinon mein aanewala hain!"
Translated, he gently reminded her that his son is married to another, and the product of their marriage is to announce itself in a few months.
Aishwarya recently gave birth to a baby girl.


Sept 6, 2011: Uttar Pradesh CM Mayawati manages to make it to the headlines, one way or other. If it isn’t the congress party, Rahul Gandhi in particular, that she directs her barbs at, it’s anyone else who dares question her authority. In this case, Julian Assange. He had it coming when Wikileaks said Mayawati sent her private jet to buy her favourite sandals from Mumbai.
In retaliation, Behenji called Assange insane and that he needs to be sent to a mental asylum. Speaking at a press conference, she said, "There is no iota of truth in the cable leaks. The cables are all a blatant lie to tarnish the image of my government. He should be sent to a mental asylum by the country he belongs to and in case there is no place for him he should be sent to UP (Uttar Pradesh). We will put him in the Agra mental asylum."


Sept 2, 2011: Former England skipper Nasser Hussain does have a knack of saying the wrong things at the wrong time. Agreed you’re entitled to your opinion, but when what you say is hung onto by millions of avid cricket fans, you might just have to be a bit more responsible than the average Joe.
Hussain has, once again, rubbed the Indians the wrong way with him calling some Indian fielders "donkeys" during the one-off Twenty20 match between India and England. He made this comment after Parthiv Patel misjudged a Kevin Pietersen catch off Munaf Patel's bowling. He said, "I would say the difference between the two sides is the fielding. England are all-round a good fielding side. I do believe that India have few...3 or 4 very good fielders and one or two donkeys in the field still."


July 14, 2011: It goes without saying that in a year, there has to be at least one quotable quote from the likely future PM of India, Rahul Gandhi.
A day after yet another serial blast rocked Mumbai, Rahul said it was impossible to eradicate every single terror attack in the country but the UPA government had been successful in controlling most of the attacks. He said, "It is very difficult to stop every single terror attack in the country. Terrorism is something that is impossible to stop all the time. But 99 per cent of terror attacks had been stopped due to strong vigilance and intelligence efforts." Rahul may not have intended to court controversy, but what you say does matter especially if you’re seen as the next PM of the nation.


Sept 27, 2011: Team Anna has been making the news for all the wrong reasons, although they claim it’s a vendetta by the central government. But what Prashant Bhushan said on a sensitive topic like Kashmir cannot be prompted by the government. After he voiced his opinion on Kashmir Anna Hazare was quick to add that it was Bhushan’s opinion alone, and not of the entire team.
His thoughts on the separation of Jammu and Kashmir didn’t go down too well with certain section of the society, namely the Bhagat Singh Kranti Sena. Two people beat him up inside his chamber in the Supreme Court. Bhushan had said, “Remove army from J&K, end AFSPA and try to get the Kashmiris on our side, but if they want to have a separate state, then in my opinion, there should be a plebiscite and if they still have to be separated, then they should be allowed to.”

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